What is Edmodo?

Simply put, it’s a micro-blogging site, like Twitter but different!

Edmodo introduces students to social networks in a closed environment. As a teacher you register and ‘create a class’. This virtual class is assigned a unique code. You then provide this code to the students you want to join this class. They log-in under the ‘I’m a Student’ button and use the code to be instantly grouped with you and their classmates.

Students can send messages to each other but every communication is displayed on every member’s home page, so the conversation is public and easily monitored.  You can set assignments, send messages to the whole group, add more classes (great for Secondary or Specialist teachers) and upload images, documents and web addresses to share.  

The students don’t need an email address and don’t even need to use their real name, so it is quite safe from a personal information perspective.  

Of course, teachers need to ensure that students are behaving appropriately online: we wouldn’t leave out students locked in a room alone with some rules and guidelines – the same applies here.

If you would like to see Edmodo, go to www.edomodo.com and sign in under "I'm a student". I have set up a demo class: your 'class code' is rezoq2.

(NB: You are NOT required to provide an email address for Edmodo - so don't! Let's keep your digital footprint nice and small!)

(Information from personal research, trial and investigation in a primary school classroom)

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